Clothing may have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, with some scientists proposing that it may have been in use even more than 650,000 years ago, though most agree that the first fabric uses occurred about 100,000 years ago. And Bangladesh is now playing a very big role in world garments business.

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the most emerging Garments exporter in Bangladesh. We the Silk Trade Enterprise start contributing in garments sector Since 1994 & till today we are doing our best to serve valued customer & as well as nations.

Our mission is to produce top-quality garments that models fair business practices and respects everyone rights. Firmly establish Silk Trade Enterprise has several garments unites that is capable of handling any complete package of garments manufacturing. This production would include multi-style options, quality products and on-time delivery with competitive price. Implement the production capacity that places for Woven 45,000 dz & Knit 20,000 dz of garments per month in USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America & Middle East and rest of the world.

Silk Trade Enterprise guarantees fair business practices while offering quality products, gives it a distinct market advantage. The factory distinguishes itself from the majority of its competitors; factories that base their production model on keeping product costs as low as possible.

Silk Trade Enterprise has received wide support and there is increasing interest among buyers who want to purchase and distribute products made by Silk Trade Enterprise & its sister concern.